First International Academic Forum on Children's Culture and Education Successfully Held in FNU


The forum, held in Hongda Hall, Qishan campus in FNU from November 14th to 15th, was hosted by FNU, undertaken by the Ministry of Education, and co-organized by the childrens studies research team of the Ministry of Education and experimental kindergarten affiliated to FNU. The forum -- Children's Culture and Education was held not just offline but also online. More than 8,000 people attended the online conference, including well-known experts and scholars from China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, as well as kindergarten, elementary school teachers and college students. Mr. Yu Wei, doctoral supervisor of the Ministry of Education of Northeast Normal University and principal of the elementary school affiliated to Northeast Normal University, Mr. Li Hui, professor of the College of Education of Macquarie University in Australia, Mr. Zheng Jiajian, vice president of FNU, and the principal responsible persons of the Ministry of Education attended the opening ceremony.

Zheng Jiajian introduced history, achievements and construction of educational disciplines in FNU. Through the forum, he hopes that a good academic communication between children researchers at home and abroad will be established, and that the fruitful dialogues will be launched and ideas be exchanged in the fields of children's concepts, cultural awareness, curriculum and teaching, therefore, providing advanced idea enlightenment and experience for the reform and development of contemporary children's education.

Professor Li Hui gave a report entitled The Childhood of Globalization: Essence, Mechanism and Consequences. He elaborated his research findings from four aspects: childhood of globalization, early childhood education of globalization, essence of globalization, and consequences of globalization. Professor Yu Wei gave a report entitled The Theoretical and Practical Exploration of Proactive Education, introducing the research of proactive education done by the elementary school affiliated to Northeast Normal University from three modules: definition of proactive education, designation and implementation of proactive education, and achievements and impacts of proactive education.

It is known that the academic exchange of the forum includes four major categories: keynote reports, sub-forums, forums of young scholars, and forums of postgraduate. Experts and scholars have made 23 academic reports, covering both theoretical and practical aspects: the system and current situation of Japanese nursery teachers, pedagogy of cultural responsiveness and digital learning for children, perspective on children's views in the theme of Leaving Home-Going Home picture book, research leading practice——exploration journey of children's music activities, gender and preschool education curriculum and practice from the perspective of cross culture, preschool education practice based on child-oriented. Participants interact and discuss heatedly and by sharing their research findings, give suggestions for further promoting the research of children's culture and education, through on-site communications and live interactions.



(Translated by Liu Tongsheng/ Reviewed by Chen Fang)